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"When I started True Colors, I was having a blast! It was so much fun. I found myself thinking about it day and night, and looking forward to each day and the ideas kept coming…and they still do! I no longer have stomach aches, or that feeling of dread from too much stress. I think your gut will tell you’re heading down the right path."

Linda WaldonFrom High Tech to Fashion

Former Silicon Valley Training Director Linda Waldon left a career in the corporate world behind after a layoff – with no regrets, and began a year-long odyssey to choose a new work and life direction for herself. She had no idea what to do next, but viewed the unexpected “time off” as a gift that she was grateful for, an opportunity to unwind,  to slow down, and discover what her heart and intuition were telling her.

Head, Heart and Hands
We are each influenced by a combination of preferences for thinking (head), doing (hands) and feeling (heart), and imbalance between them results in stress, unhappiness, and even health problems. After years of intense focus on thinking, intellectual work in the high tech industry, Linda’s stress level from the imbalance in her life was off the charts. In her interview (audio links below), Linda describes the steps she took to move from from this point and make the transformation to work she is passionate about.

She found herself drawn toward art and color and fashion, and ultimately started her own business, True Colors by Linda. She writes a fashion blog called “Find Your Chic” to help women – and men – understand how to dress to stand out, be noticed, to attract the right kind of attention, and to enhance their personal brand.

Interview: How to Make a Work / Life Change – Linda’s Story

Listen below as Linda talks about how she made the transition from high tech corporate career to founder of a fashion consulting business. She describes her self-discovery process, and tells how she feels about her work today (beautifully illustrating the concept of “flow”), then finally offers you her “Top 5 Tips for making a Work/Life Change.”

True Colors by Linda: Show Up in Your Most Beautiful Self

From Corporate Job to ‘What Next?’ – Linda Waldon’s “Tiny Revolution”

To Change Your Work, “Trust Your Gut”, plus Linda’s Top Five Tips

Fashion Matters – Look at Yourself as a Work of Art

“When you look at yourself artistically, ” Linda says, “rather than critically, from the ‘I need to lose 10 pounds’ standpoint, and instead look at yourself as a piece of art that needs to be draped, you can learn how to dress in a way that looks stunning … and you will attract attention.”

Dressing to highlight our most attractive features leads to feedback, both subtle and direct, from the people around us that builds confidence, self-esteem, strength and power.

When we have two seconds to make a first impression, it’s important that our physical presentation – outfit, accessories, hair style – projects an image consistent with our personal brand. Why? Relationships are all about trust. If there’s a disconnect between how you “package” yourself and your professional or personal/social objectives, people meeting you will immediately question your authenticity.

Gold Fan-Deck Card True Colors By Linda

Linda characterizes her clients as Gold, Platinum, Copper, or Silver and sells color card fan decks that she created (great gift idea!), personalized to each “color palette”, for only $25 – and each is sold with a lovely, protective fabric case. See photo near end of post.

They’re designed to be purse or pocket-sized and easy to take along on shopping trips  – so people  can make a beeline for the colors that look great on them.

Her clients, as you can imagine, are primarily women, but it’s just as important for a man to know how to dress to make the right impact.  She recently spent several hours with a CEO, going through his closet and coaching him on his  style and colors. The next day he hired her to deliver a full day fashion program for his 40 employees – men and women – as this year’s annual employee appreciation day event. And he’s giving each employee a True Colors by Linda “Color Fan Deck” as part of the gift.

More About True Colors by Linda

True Colors by Linda works with individual clients, and also specializes in corporate training, helping employees enhance their personal appearance and increase their self-confidence and self-esteem – two factors that contribute to improved job performance. Contact: truecolorsbylinda (at)

Warm Color Cases w Jewelry_small

Fabric cases protect Color Palette Fan Decks

“My experience with Linda Waldon and her True Colors business was monumental! In her excitement, skill and creative abilities she has transformed my attitude about clothes and shopping. It makes me feel younger, more confident and beautiful.”  — S. Benaron

“As a mother of a busy 2 year old, I have little time for hair and makeup and even less time for shopping. I desperately needed a wardrobe overhaul. I also wanted to know once and for all how to dress for my body type and coloring. [The result is] I’m no longer overwhelmed by my closet in the morning and no longer reach for the same jeans and sweatshirt when heading out the door. She really does help you to “show up in your most beautiful self”.” — J. Cabreros

Has “Trusting Your Intuition” Helped You?

How has “trusting your gut” helped you choose a new work or life direction? How did you turn off the logical voices in your head long enough to listen?

Do you have a story to tell? Did your intuition help – or not?

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  1. Kori Martin
    Posted November 26, 2009 at 6:35 am | Permalink

    I had my colors done by Linda and now I feel like I have a whole new wardrobe. Not being a petite gal Linda’s comment about looking at yourself like a piece of art that needs to be draped really hit home for me.

  2. Linda
    Posted March 14, 2010 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

    Wow! That was a very valuable 30 minutes. Thank you, Louise, for posting this video. Olivia encapsulated so many important concepts about human interaction and making a good first impression — loved the part about how difficult/impossible it is to reverse a bad first impression. It will take me days to process all that I learned…

  3. Jenny Cooper
    Posted August 15, 2011 at 9:13 am | Permalink

    Linda, your story is really inspiring, and you were fortunate to have the opportunity to take time out and discover that creativity and colour inspire, and heal us from stress. Sadly many folk reach the point of burnout, or stress-related illness. In my stress management training and coaching colour and creativity are key elements in the tools and skills that people learn to combat stress and unwind. So it is great to hear about your experience and how you are helping others, and wish that I lived nearer so I could come and meet you in person.

  4. Amber DeAnn
    Posted August 17, 2011 at 9:44 pm | Permalink

    Enjoyed the info on your post. I too felt like a burnt out cog working for corporate america. I love showing people how to dislodge the source of their stress, promoting light movement and the joy of taking back their power.
    THanks for telling the truth about working for corporate America. Will follow your posts.

  5. Linda Waldon
    Posted August 18, 2011 at 11:12 am | Permalink

    Thanks Jenny! My True Colors work is now leading me in other creative directions, such as writing. What I must have done by choosing a different path is open up new channels of energy and creativity that were lying in wait. And interestingly, I am finding ways to harmoniously align my high tech experience with my creative skills, and build a new career path that is exciting and satisfying. Isn’t that what “best of both worlds” truly means?

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