The Power of More than One

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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."
—Margaret Mead

What do Jack Canfield and Dorothy Parker have in Common?

What do Jack Canfield, (Black-eyed Peas), Dorothy Parker, and Kellie Frazier have in common? All of them participate (or did, in the case of Dorothy) in Mastermind groups. You’ve probably read Napoleon Hill”s definition of a mastermind alliance in his classic, “The Law of Success”, as “two or more minds working actively together in perfect harmony toward a common definite object.” Just like these very successful people, each and every one of us needs other people to achieve our dreams, no matter how inspiring, directed, persistent, talented, and motivated we are.

One of the key pieces of Structure that you’re missing when you’re the COE (Chief Of Everything) of your own home-based operation, is the social piece. When you have a job, you have other people around you who are expecting things from you. Working from home, alone, in start-up mode, who do you talk to who believes in you …who helps you overcome challenges…who brainstorms and discusses pros and cons of Choice A versus Choice B with you?

I need contact and conversation with like-minded people for inspiration and for mutual energy boosting. I need someone to be expecting something from me. A success team may be as small as just one other person who also has a vision, and the two of you agree to a regularly scheduled meeting time each day or each week.

I re-connected with a friend who lives 3,000 miles away, and who found herself at the same career crossroads as me. She and I have been talking at least once a week for the last two years, via phone, Skype or email. I tell her what I plan to do next. We encourage each other, bounce ideas around, remind one another of our purpose, passion, and vision when one of us loses focus. And best of all, there are those low days when frustration takes over and I feel as though I’m headed nowhere fast, and she points out where I started from and what I’ve accomplished. (She’s Linda Waldon, and I wrote about her in “Trust Your Gut: From High Tech to Fashion“). She was my first “Success Team”. After experiencing firsthand the power of more than one, I deliberately seek out other groups of like-minded people to connect with for different projects and purposes.

I’ve heard story after story from people, about how connecting with another person or group of like-minded people on a regular basis rockets them forward. If you’ve never belonged to a mastermind group, think about the goals you have and what it will feel like to accelerate movement toward your goals and dreams while also contributing to others. You’re propelled forward even faster by the energy and inspiration you get watching them overcome challenges, grow and succeed.

And there are other powerful ways to connect with other people and help each other out. Melissa McClain, an up-and-coming artist I wrote about in November in “When Pursuing Your Passion is Your Second Job“, joined Women on Fire, a membership network for women. Since then, she quit her day job to pursue her creative dream full time.

I saw this in action, as I watched from the sidelines as Kellie made one extraordinary change in her business after another – after joining a mastermind group of five women. The other four women showed the same extraordinary growth trajectory.

What kind of “personal advisory board” or success team has made a difference to you? I’m not talking about the people who love you who tell you you’re wonderful, no matter what. And I’m not talking about the people you spend the most time with at work, or your oldest friends. Sometimes those people don’t necessarily want to see you change and grow. I’m talking about a team of people who keep you focused, on the right track and accelerate your success trajectory.

I’d love to hear from you. And – I believe – so would the many people who find themselves at a work/life crossroads these days. How has regular, ongoing connection with a study buddy, a mentor, a coach, a tribe, or a mastermind group made a big difference in your success?

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  1. Kellie Frazier
    Posted August 4, 2010 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

    Thank you kindly Louise. You have hit on some excellent points which most solo-preneurs struggle with. I hope whomever reads your message will benefit by your thoughts and begin to consider the possibilities. Great post!

    Kellie Frazier
    dot com

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