What if you could clear away all the “noise” and mental chatter, release stress, and perform at your best when it counts, whether giving a speech, leading a team, or making a critical decision?

Our minds are cluttered, our days are busy, and often our nights are restless – still dealing with the unfinished business of a high stress life.


Try it. It works.
– Martha Beck
O, The Oprah Magazine 
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Dr. Les & Susan Shor Fehmi
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  • FIVE Audio Modules (mp3)
  • TWO Open Focus™ Practices
  • 31-page Workshop Guide
  • Plus: BONUS Guided Practice
  • “Focus, Awareness Space, & Gravity”

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We spend most of our days in a constant state of fight or flight, rushing and running, overwhelmed with information overload, struggling with ever increasing pressure to multi-task and get more done – and never giving our nervous system the rest it needs. If you feel “out of sync”, chances are that’s because you are – quite literally.

Neurofeedback pioneer Dr. Fehmi and Susan Shor Fehmi, LCSW teach you the simple Open Focus™ “attentional flexibility” technique that can change your life.

Learning to easily shift how you pay attention is the key that unlocks the door to an entire mind/body sequence of physiological responses that impact your health, how you experience pain, your emotional state, and your ability to connect with others.


What You will Learn
What’s Included

Module One: Types of Attention, Brainwaves, and How You Feel

Module Two: OPEN FOCUS™ PRACTICE: Changing How You Pay Attention

Module Three: Q & A Discussion – Experiences and Challenges

Module Four:  Pain, the Brain, and Attention

Module Five:  OPEN FOCUS™ PRACTICE: Dissolving Chronic Pain 


This Training is for anyone
Open Focus Attention has helped professional athletes, singers, dancers, musicians. This simple, elegant system has helped people in pain who have tried everything else. It has helped adults and children struggling with ADD and ADHD – to improve their focus, and the quality of their life. And people find that learning the simple practice of Open Focus makes their other meditation practices easier.

I am in love with Open Focus. When I stumbled upon it, I realized that I had been in narrow focus (fight or flight mode) my whole life. It not only opened up a new way of being in the world, I also tout it (although the creators do not) as the most effective tool for spiritual awakening I have ever found.” – Donna Lou Stevens

I am using Open Focus and Neurofeedback a lot in my life. Actually it changed the way I handle everything around me. I am running an investment company and I owe Les Fehmi a lot for this discovery.“-Dennis Burkyn, Australia

“Open Focus not only opened the door to a life of peace and allowing for me, but for my clients as well. After becoming a certified trainer in April, I have given probably thirty sessions to various people and every single one has had a profound experience.”

I’ve just been amazed at the changes I’ve experienced through doing the exercises on the CD — and they occurred almost immediately. I’m much more calm. Things that used to bother me greatly are now in the background. It’s helped my family relationships and my work.

I recently began simple exercises with Open Focus, as recommended by my Occupational Therapy person who specializes in Neuromuscular Retraining. I haven’t felt this relaxed in years. My entire body feels different. I often fall asleep right away. I haven’t had normal sleep patterns since I was around 5.


About the Presenters

Les Fehmi, PhD
Les Fehmi is Director of the Princeton Biofeedback Center. He is a a pioneer in the field of biofeedback and neurofeedback. For over four decades, Les Fehmi has been active as a psychologist in private practice, a sought-after speaker, a biofeedback trainer, and a consultant for such organizations as Harvard Medical School, Johnson & Johnson, the Dallas Cowboys, and the New Jersey Nets. He holds an MA and a PhD from UCLA and completed his post-doctoral fellowship at UCLA’s Brain Research Institute. He is the coauthor of The “Open-Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body” and “Dissolving Pain: Simple Brain-Training Exercises for Overcoming Chronic Pain.”
Susan Shor Fehmi, MSW
Susan Shor Fehmi is a licensed social worker in NJ & NY, Executive Director Princeton Biofeedback Centre, LLC has been teaching OPEN FOCUS™ and neurofeedback for over twenty five years, specializing in multichannel, phase synchrony brain wave training. She has had a long-time interest in the integration of neurofeedback, attention training, and psychodynamic psychotherapy, and she works with adults and children. She has just released a CD of Open Focus exercises for children.
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