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“If there was ever a moment to follow your passion and do work that matters, this is it. You can’t say, “but I need to make a fortune instead,” because that’s not happening right now. So you might as well join the people who can say, “I love doing this.””

The above quote is Seth Godin’s from his “Fabulous” post on November 8th.

It’s what we heard from the entrepreneurs speaking today at Day #1 of the New York Entrepreneur Week – though they were far more optimistic about the potential for earning a significant income at the same time.

It’s also what we’ve been writing about here at Nine Work Lives. See “Create a New Vision for the Work You’ll Do Tomorrow“, and “When Pursuing Your Dream is Your Second Job.”

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NY Entrepreneur Week – Live!

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You have 2 seconds to make a first impression.


This week I’ll be attending the New York Entrepreneur Week events at Columbia University. Today I couldn’t make it in person, all the presentations are being broadcast live. Check it out below!

Did you know you have only 2 SECONDS to make a good first impression? Olivia Fox Cabane’s talk closed the first day at New York Entrepreneur Week. Who is Olivia? “An expert in the fields of charisma, trust, influence and persuasion.” Her focus is on behavioral science. Later this week, you’ll be hearing tips from an expert on how to dress for that 2 second great first impression.

Tips and Goodies from Olivia

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My goal with Nine Work Lives is to help you earn a living by doing what you care about, what you are passionate about, what you are innately good at, and doing what matters to you — even if what matters most to you right now is generating income as quickly as possible.

I’ve been laid off four times in six years. The most severance I ever received was three months of salary. I know how frightening it is to be the head of a family and to suddenly lose your income, without much of a safety net. I know firsthand that you need to act fast, no matter how shell-shocked you feel. I know that agility, resilience, acceptance of what cannot be changed, and taking action are the keys to recovery.  The last time I was laid off, I gave myself one month to generate the income that would cover all of my monthly expenses. One month and one day later, I signed a contract for exactly the amount that I had envisioned.

But this would never have happened if I hadn’t found help. I was so angry and distraught over my job loss that I knew I’d never get “unstuck” on my own; my previous job search had taken a full two years from date of layoff to start date on the new job. I didn’t have two years, or even two months, that I could afford to go without income. So this time, I hired an executive coach, who re-focused me away from my anger, fear and feeling of being a helpless victim of circumstance, and toward my strengths, my interests, and my immediate financial needs. My coach guided me into action. One action step at a time led to a wonderful, lucrative new opportunity for me, 31 days after my last paycheck. My coach was expensive, but worth every penny.

For me, seeking help from an experienced coach (or guide) had the impact of a rocket launcher on my income-earning situation. I flew over my walls of resistance and valleys of fear and despair that otherwise would have knocked me flat and pulled me backward, and instead shot straight ahead to my desired (and needed) result – income in a hurry.

If you can’t afford or can’t find a personal coach, I just found the ultimate alternative for you, so that you, too, can “Rocket Launch” your way to new income. While browsing at my neighborhood bookstore this weekend, I found a book that turned out to be superb – far better than I expected!

If you need to earn money sooner rather than later, this book offers the best “Rocket Launch” support system I’ve found outside of a coach. The book?

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A friend of mine carved this pumpkin last year thinking it would inspire everyone to vote for change.

So this year I’m posting it to keep HOPE alive for new jobs and new income opportunities for all, to replace those we’ve lost.

Remember Halloween 2008? This year we're hoping for jobs.

Photo & Art by Cath Kane. Remember Halloween 2008? This year we're hoping for jobs.

I live in Brooklyn, New York, surrounded by people whose dream brought them to New York City. These are creative people, aspiring actors, opera singers, fashion designers, photographers, artists, writers. If their dream isn’t paying the bills yet, they get another job and lead parallel work lives.

Melissa McClain, Photographer and Visual Artist

Melissa McClain is a Brooklyn artist who has two full time jobs – one with a purpose she cares deeply about and the other that nurtures her creative soul. By day a crisis management professional with an expertise in survivor and family assistance, she has a second “job” as a photographer. She created the beautiful Water Colors photographs accompanying today’s post. With her camera, she finds color and patterns and drama on the most everyday industrial, urban, and seaside objects.

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Creating a new vision for the work you’ll do tomorrow

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Change means Opportunity

You may know a lot of people who are employed, but miserable and exhausted. And you may know a lot of other people who are struggling to make ends meet, unable to find another job after being laid off. Then there are those of you with an idea, a vision, a dream…but you haven’t figured out (yet) how to make it happen.

The good news? Everything is changing, and right along with it, the rules of work and working are changing. And change means opportunity.

Now is a perfect time to update your own vision of what matters, what you’re passionate about, and what energizes you and makes you feel alive, and to re-imagine what you can do for work.

QUOTE of the DAY

Spend eighty percent of your time focusing on the opportunities of tomorrow rather than the problems of yesterday.

Brian Tracy

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