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How to Reduce Anxiety, Get Unstuck, and Lead a Fuller, More Productive Life

What if you could reduce anxiety, get unstuck, optimize mental and physical performance, make better decisions, and tap into your inner wisdom?

A couple of years ago, I was laid off. I stumbled on exactly the right book at the right moment. Written by Dr. Les Fehmi and science writer Jim Robbins, “The Open Focus Brain: Harnessing the Power of Attention to Heal Mind and Body”, the book includes a CD with simple attention-training exercises. And they worked – my knotted back muscles relaxed, my thoughts stopped spinning unproductively, and I could move forward.

Reinventing what you do for work and income involves some soul searching and a lot of stepping out of the zone of comfort into the unknown. Anxiety is an all too common companion, just at a time when you want to be performing at your best. Learning Open Focus and “attentional flexibility” will help you self-correct and manage stress so you can thrive and be happy.

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