Monthly Archives: July 2010

Getting Others to Support Your Dream

Hot-syncing: How to Get Through to Anyone by guest blogger Jeffrey Cohen;  Jeff is an Executive Coach in New York City Have you noticed that some people have a knack for getting through to people, convincing them to buy into their plans, goals and desires? It may seem like magic, but it really isn’t. Mirror […]

The Power of More than One

What do Jack Canfield and Dorothy Parker have in Common? What do Jack Canfield, (Black-eyed Peas), Dorothy Parker, and Kellie Frazier have in common? All of them participate (or did, in the case of Dorothy) in Mastermind groups. You’ve probably read Napoleon Hill”s definition of a mastermind alliance in his classic, “The Law of […]

Structure, Team and Your Success

STRUCTURE and routine provide the framework for creating the life you want. The trick is in the balance, because, just like anything else, you can have too much of a good thing. Too much routine may mean you’re “stuck in a rut”. Not enough means you may be sleeping a lot and doing whatever you feel like doing whenever you feel like it….but you’re not getting anywhere. It’s hard to get the balance right without a regular connection with a trusted team of advisors or a success team.

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